Akrathos Newlands Winery

Our organic vineyards are planted with indigenous Greek varietals and located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cholomon, facing Mount Athos and the Syggitikos gulf. This stunning landscape is where Aristotle and the historic ‘Akanthos wine’ were born.

At an altitude of 550 - 700m, the vineyards are exposed to the meridian sea breeze as well as cool, humid winds from the surrounding mountains at night. These key factors contribute to the seasonal hydration sources of our vines and allow us to use our precious natural resources more sparingly. In addition to moderate watering, the shallow, sandy loam soil and the slate subsoil ensure low yield and high-quality grape production.

Consequently, the grapes reach excellent maturity with balanced acidity and aromas. The phenolic density and richness lend a longer aging potential to our wines.