Our primary goal is to produce excellent wines from indigenous Greek varieties that reflect a unique terroir. The ideal location was discovered after exhaustive and targeted research in Northern Greece, in the municipality of Aristotelis, Halkidiki. The construction of a winery so close to the birthplace of Aristotle’s historic wine “Akanthos” was no coincidence and the name Akrathos was chosen for the winery in respect of this history. The first 5 hectares were purchased in 2008, with an altitude of 600 meters. The complex subsoil of slate, the mild meridians and low night temperatures, the cool winds from the surrounding mountains and the sea breeze from the neighbouring bays of Ierissos and Mount Athos combine to create ideal conditions for the production of excellent grapes.
The preparation of the site and the planting of vineyards started in 2009. We applied organic farming and low impact methods in an effort to preserve the ecological integrity of the area and the unique topography of the plots. Construction of the winery buildings began in 2014 and the vineyard plantings have expanded over the years. Our winery, which is located on the road from Thessaloniki to Mount Athos, is open to the public and easily accessible.
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