Babis is one of the founders of Akrathos. Very often you will meet Babis at the winery or in meetings with our partners in different parts of Greece. He was born in the Peloponnese to a family of grapegrowers and developed a passion for wine at an early age. The next time you see him, be sure to ask about the winery because his passion for Akrathos is contagious.



Phoebe grew up in California and Hawaii and usually divides her time between Greece and the USA. Like everyone at Akrathos, Phoebe has a variety of roles. As general manager she oversees strategy, exports and marketing for the winery, among other things. Her experience with distributors, importers and wineries around the world gives Akrathos a unique perspective. She is learning Greek and you can chat with her in Italian, French, Spanish and English.


Oenology Manager

It has been in the Akrathos family since 2016, producing excellent wines every vintage. He has experiences from Burgundy as well as from other regions throughout Greece. With his guidance, each Akrathos wine also reflects a distinct story in its terroir.


Operations Manager

Another team member who does everything. As Babi's son, the two of them exchange opinions and advise each other, in an honest way that only a family knows. During the harvest Panos is busy organizing the team doing what is necessary to be done at any time of the day or night. Outside of vintage you may be lucky enough to have a relaxing wine tasting visit with him, He is also our translator working excellently with both English and Greek so you are in good hands.


Viticulture consultant

Professor and chairman of the agriculture department of AUTH. He is considered the guru of viticulture who evangelizes a radical and pioneering treatment of the vine with the aim of producing quality wines with character. The conversation with him, with a man of low tones and clear narratives, takes us on a journey through the lonely paths of winegrowers, who subtly and anonymously make sure that a good grape reaches the winery.


Hospitality Manager

She also comes from Halkidiki, and you can meet her in many pieces of work at the winery. He will certainly welcome you and show you around talking to you about the history of the place and Akrathos.



Valuable member of our team, without whom we would not know what to do. He is a native of Halkidiki and spent 20 years on Mount Athos working in the tank area and in the cellar, or making something important. Manolis is one of the tireless people, strong as a lion and flexible as rubber since he can climb our flag. We are so grateful to have him on our team.


Winemaking Consultant

Kyriakos comes from Greece and has been an integral part of Akrathos since day one. His Beaune-based laboratory, Burgundia Oenologie, has brought modern technology and a new level of precision to winemaking. His decades of success mean that his knowledge, passion and skills are now sought after around the world by the most respected names in wine.