Taste the full production of five Akratos wines, paired with local, seasonal dishes, after a short tour of our vineyards and winery.

Relax on the outdoor sofas and enjoy the view of our vineyards, with the magnificent scenery of Mount Athos and the Sithonian Sea in the background.

You will understand what makes the feta cheese of Halkidiki so unique and you will learn about the wine making process from vine to glass.

Duration 75′ | Price: 20€ per person


– Requires a 48 hour appointment in advance –

Designed for the adventurous, curious visitor, our teroir experience combines the delicacies of honey and wine of Halkidiki.

A full tour and wine tasting in Akratos will be combined with a unique visit to the beehives with our 4th generation beekeeper.

Take a short walk in the forest next to our vineyards to learn more about our ecology and the integral role that bees play in the success of our vineyards.

You will taste honey fresh from the hive and understand the amazing seasonal flavors of honey as they change throughout the year.

(Protective outerwear is provided.)

Duration: 2,5 hours | Price: 45€ per person


72 hours’ notice is required –

Whether you want an in-depth tour of our vineyards and forests, a vertical tasting library of some of our finest, exclusive wines or a luxurious meal paired with caviar and truffles, the sky is the limit at Akrathos.

Tell us about your dream visit or ask us for ideas to customize an experience you won’t find anywhere else in Halkidiki.

Duration and price available upon request.